Bridal Shower Themes & Ideas

When it comes to planning the Bridal Shower make sure you choose the perfect theme! And there are plenty to choose from. Here are just a couple of the most popular themes you’ll find on our site right now.

Popular Bridal Shower Themes

Are you ready? Here are some of the most popular themes and pages to start with.

Elegant Bridal Shower Themes

Here are some of the most popular items related to an elegant bridal shower theme. For those of you who want to set up a fun and more traditional bridal shower a contemporary and elegant option is always a good choice. We offer a wide range of options for just about all of the most popular bridal shower themes and some of the more obscure ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the perfect option right here, we have thousands of other excellent options. Simply choose a category to get started.

Sit down and work out a list of themes and ideas for the bridal shower. Keep in mind, however, that what ever you plan will need to be achievable. What this means is that your first ideas might not be your best ideas. Some bridal shower themes are notoriously difficult to pull off well.

Go to your local thrift and prop stores to find a couple of different options and choose the best one is often one of the best pieces of advice for a your hostess.

Know your audience

And that doesn’t just mean the guests that will be attending. That means the guest of honor as well. She is the one that you are hosting the bridal shower for and she is the one that you need to keep in mind when you pick out the bridal shower theme. If she has any hobbies you may want to take them as a source of inspiration. They can also be fun to incorporate into the games and other activities you will be hosting.

Make sure everything is on hand

That means you have all decorations, treats, and supplies you will need to throw the bridal shower theme you have picked out. That means getting your invitations printed, your home decorated, the food prepared and everything else that goes along with hosting a bridal shower. If you think that this will not be something you can achieve without help enlist the bridesmaids for help. They can give you the hand you need but they cannot host the bridal shower for you.

By being sensible and carefully planning the day you will be able to throw an incredible bridal shower than will thrill everyone who was included in the celebration.

Fun with the bridal shower favors

The favors you pick will need to fit into several different categories. First they will need to fit into your budget. They are notorious for being one of the most expensive aspects of a bridal shower. They will need to fit into your theme and they will need to be fun. But that is where you are afforded the most freedom. Because fun and fitting don’t need to cost a lot you can compliment the bridal shower theme with excellent favors. We have a wide assortment of favors for various bridal shower themes right here on the site.

Can you do it?

Of course you can, you will throw the best bridal shower you can and even if everything doesn’t go as planned it will be easily overlooked when your guests and the bride to be look at everything that went right.

When it comes to picking out the right look for your birdal shower here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The guest of honor
    Make sure you plan the theme around the bride to be’s tastes and personality.
  • Hostess with the mostess convenient time to come
    Plan the bridal shower for when the most guests will be able to attend. This is usually on a Saturday, but the age and jobs of the atendees will decide this in the end.
  • Pick a theme you can manage
    If you don’t feel like you can manage the desired theme don’t feel bad about addressing that early in the preparation.
  • Keep the fun in mind
    An over planned, over complicated bridal shower can quickly become an overwhelming affair. Stay away from games, activities and dishes that require too much from your guests.