Find the Fitting Bridal Shower Theme

Just like with a wedding there are plenty of incredible themes that you can visit for your bridal shower. There are in fact, more bridal shower themes that there are for weddings. The reason for this is simple. Bridal showers are meant to be a fun and free day of celebration. Weddings are a formal event that tend to be more reserved.

Purple Weddings

Generally speaking, weddings tend to theme in colors, seasons or locations. These purple wedding invitations suite any purple or fall wedding beautifully, and they also give you a good idea of what we mean. They illicit the regency of a wedding without adding the perky and sometimes silly aspects you may actually want for your bridal shower.

Here are a couple of great examples of those types of elements that we thoroughly love.

What is a Bridal Shower?

For any first time hostess this question may seem like a welcome shelter from the storm of organizing a day that should be filled with a fun relaxing atmosphere. One that might seem totally overwhelming and a little bit mysterious.

But there is an easy means to answer you question and give you perspective on the afternoon you will be, in all too short of a time, hostessing.

A bridal shower is not a wedding.

And just to make sure that comes through loud and clear, a bridal shower should not be turned into a wedding celebration.

What does that mean?

It means there are completely different priorities for a wedding that never appear at a bridal shower. You shouldn’t make it too formal, too stiff, and don’t over plan and micro manage it, ever. This leads to only one thing, stress, and if things go wrong, a disastrous bridal shower. Something that we’re sure that you don’t want. So now that you’re free of the stress of a complicated bridal shower you’re free to choose a fun and light hearted theme that will be both easy to plant and organize as well as fun for everyone involved.

You’re not forced to rely solely on colors, as the purple wedding example we gave earlier, nor are you expected to plan a small wedding.

Excellent Bridal Shower Themes

So far we’ve talked about what a bridal shower is not. Now it is time to give you some ideas of what a bridal shower can be. As you may already know a bridal shower once had a completely different meaning. And we do not need to get into that since it no longer holds any weight. If you get caught up in what it once was you will not be able to enjoy what it can be.

And it can be a lot of fun!

Depending on how you came into the position of organizing the shower you will have plenty of knowledge to help you make it a winner. First, it is important to keep the guest-of-honor in mind. If, for example – we don’t recommend this unless you are absolutely sure that it would work, your guest-of-honor loves musicals you could make the theme musical in nature.

This would allow you to pick games that reflect the theme, name that show tune, and select decoration that embodies the nature of the topic.

While that was a silly example, it should have gotten you thinking about options you have in your situation. So make a list of possible themes and cross out the ones that don’t work. In the end you will be left with a number of excellent choices that will suite your needs and your budget.

Here are a couple of themes that will get your creativity going.

Bridal Showers on a Budget

We know that not every hostess is in a position to pay for an expensive shower. That said there are a number of ways to cut the cost of the shower substantially. Here are some top tips from the editors of Bridal Shower Themes to get you started.

  1. Consider a couples shower.
    A couples shower is a great opportunity to cut the price in half. If you will be hosting a surprise party you can talk to the bestman, the two of you can then plan a surprise couples shower, each of you will pay for half. And while it might sound like you will be hosting more people (you will be) the cost of food should not be much more than if you hosted a bridal shower.
  2. Host a traditional bridal shower.
    When it comes to saving money you have might want to consider hosting a traditional bridal shower. And while we have talked about themes, the traditional bridal shower is really a theme all by itself. Food and decorations are at a minimum for this type of shower.
  3. Buy your decorations from thrift, and dollar stores.
    There are plenty of great opportunities and items you can use. Just make sure you pick things out that fit your theme. You can refurbish items to fit your needs.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a bridal shower, some of them are traditional while others are a little wild and crazy. You aren’t obligated to celebrate either, and most bridal showers fall somewhere in between. You will need to use your judgment and pick what works for you and your guests. The most important aspect of the day is fun. Create a relaxing and fun environment and you will be the hostess of a memorable shower.

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